Success Rate

Our Rate of Success

“Frank has represented me on a complicated disability claim since 2012. He established the claim and then fought off the carrier’s attempt to terminate it two years later. He anticipates potential problems and avoids them with careful planning and preparation. I believe he’s the best in town at what he does.”

- Richard A. Sullivan, Jr.


Naturally, anyone contemplating legal representation on a claim for disability benefits wants to find a lawyer who will win his or her case. Few attorneys publish unambiguous information about their rate of success.

Frank is different.  He has an unparalleled record of success, and he doesn't have to hedge in sharing it publicly:

How has he achieved this record of success?  It is not that he only handles easy cases. Quite the contrary. Frank regularly represents doctors, lawyers and other highly skilled individuals with the most complex and demanding disability claims. Frank is selective about who he represents. He doesn't run a disability meat market. You won’t find him hawking his services on television. Most of his clients come to him as a result of referrals by professional colleagues and others who know the quality of his work.

Frank's success rate is neither illusory nor cheaply earned.  It is the result of in depth understanding of medical issues and the rules for determining disability; careful and individualized case preparation; and a reputation for professional competence and integrity that carries weight with carriers, judges and others who determine the outcome of disability claims.

Of course, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome going forward. However, Frank's record of success speaks for itself and sets him apart. His clients benefit from his experience, skill and focus.  Most of all, they benefit from his proven ability to win!