Selected Medical Impairments

“Frank’s understanding of the medical issues relating to disability claims is extraordinary. In the time he has helped my patients, I have seen numerous individuals who have previously been denied receive full disability benefits.”

- Bruce B. Shafiroff, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Over the years, Frank has represented individuals with almost every conceivable kind of medical problem. When putting together a disability claim, he analyzes most cases the same way. The basic job is to determine how a given disorder (or combination of disorders) restricts a client’s ability to function in a work setting, and then present persuasive proof of that to the disability carrier.

All significant medical disorders produce symptoms that limit functional capacity. Some symptoms (spasticity, weakness, disturbed vision, cognitive dysfunction, etc.) can be objectively documented. Others (pain and fatigue) are more subjective and difficult to document.

On the following pages, readers will find basic information about several categories of medical disorders that give rise to disability claims.  There is also a description of the common symptoms of these disorders and how insurance carriers and others evaluate them in a disability claim setting.

These summaries are not intended to be definitive.  It is impossible to fully describe and discuss the vast array of medical disorders and their innumerable variations in a website like this.  That’s not the intention. Nor is it intended to suggest that symptoms alone determine the outcome of disability claims. No claim of disability will succeed without an accurate medical diagnosis that is properly supported by objective findings.

Frank encourages individuals contemplating filing a disability claim on the basis of any medical disorder to contact him before doing so.  He will assess your medical records; tell you whether they will support a disability claim; and in appropriate cases, recommend specific steps that can be taken to shore up the evidence and improve the prospects of success.