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Social Security Disability Prgram
What does the lawyer do?  

Finding the best disability lawyer for you is easier if you understand what successful lawyers do in SSI and Social Security disability cases.

A lawyer's basic job is to figure out what has gone wrong with your claim and fix it.  Experienced lawyers carefully analyze the medical and non-medical evidence collected by Social Security prior to the initial determination. They determine why your claim was denied and then work with you and your doctor to obtain the evidence needed to prove disability. 

The best lawyers do their work quickly and professionally.  They don't wait for the hearing before getting started. They know they can cut through the hearing backlog, shorten the appeal process and improve their client's chances of success by submitting new evidence early and taking advantage of opportunities for pre-hearing adjudication. 

Successful lawyers work closely with their clients right from the outset.  They understand the importance of developing a professional relationship characterized by mutual trust and respect. Before retaining a lawyer, we suggest you consider the following: 

  • Did the lawyer meet with you personally to discuss your claim?  Did he or she seem interested in your case?
  • Does the lawyer return your telephone calls promptly and courteously?
  • What is the lawyer's record of success on disability claims?  Is he or she willing to discuss that with you plainly and unambiguously?
  • What kind of reputation does the lawyer have with former clients, physicians and judges? 
  • Did the lawyer answer all your questions to your own satisfaction?
How do I choose a lawyer?  

There are many lawyers in the Central New York area who handle SSD cases. Our office encourages you to interview several lawyers before deciding who to retain. People can hire different lawyers to represent them on different kinds of cases. The fact that you may have one lawyer handling your no-fault or workers' compensation case doesn't mean that you can't--or shouldn't--have a different one handling your SSD case.

Make sure the lawyer you choose is knowledgeable about SSD, and that you feel comfortable and confident working with him or her. That's a good indication you've found the right one.

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